7 Unspoken Rules Of Vaping

7 Unspoken Rules Of Vaping

The moment you start browsing the best vape brands in USA, you’re in for a smoky ride. But that doesn’t mean there’s no limitation to what your mod or pen can do. Although blogs can advise about proper vaping, there’s no specific guidebook that vapers follow. This is where the unspoken rules arrive in the picture.

You simply can’t vape anywhere you want. As a disciplined vaper and a decent human being, you have to think about the people around you. For starters, here are seven of the unwritten rules of vaping:

  1. “No smoking” means “No vaping” too

“But a vape pen doesn’t have toxic chemicals!” Yes, it’s cleaner than the usual cigarettes, but not everyone in your location will be fond of being engulfed by clouds of vapor. Also, not all people will accept this reasoning. As long as it’s smoke-like, it counts as smoking. With vape for sale in United States becoming a trend, this rule should become more prominent.

  1. Never vape on enclosed areas

It’s just plain stupid to take out your vape kit and start puffing inside a bus, elevator, train, and enclosed rooms. You’re going to suffocate other people in there plus the smell of your vanilla juice will stick to their bodies. That’s something they won’t like on their way to work.

  1.   Always ask permission first

If you’re unsure if an establishment allows vaping, ask permission. This goes the same even for vaping areas where there are non-vaping people including kids and pets. Doing this is a sign of respect to other people staying in the same location as yours.

  1. Don’t blow the vapor into someone else’s face

If you plan to be the rude guy everybody hates, then go ahead and puff vapor to someone else’s face. A lot of vapers hate this too. You have all the space to release the vapor and that doesn’t include the face of your friend or someone else at the bar.

  1. No cloud chasing in public

Don’t be a show-off. As much as you want to flaunt your cloud-chasing skills, don’t do it in public. You have all the freedom to do this at home, in a vape shop, and in other vape-friendly areas. Avoid being a fog machine that emits smoke everywhere. That would be annoying and rude.

  1.   Stealth vaping is a no-no

If you think you can get away with stealth smoking at work, you’re wrong! Taking that vapor out little by little isn’t really as stealthy as you imagine it to be. The smell will be evident plus the vapor coming out of your mouth will raise suspicion. Come on, you have that cigarette break. Just wait for it.

  1. Don’t be a vape evangelist

Don’t be that one friend who keeps repeating the benefits of vaping and its amazing advantages. Your buddies won’t appreciate it all the time. Not everyone is asking about “is vape safe”. Don’t be too political about your vaping habit.

Regardless if you’re the coolest guy who has a collection of the best vape brands in USA, you’re not exempted. Be an informed vaper starting now.


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