Vape for Beginners

Vape for Beginners

Vape is popular worldwide alternative and healthier than a conventional cigarette, if you are new to vaping here are some guidelines. There are different kinds or types of vapes to choose from, this article will help the beginners to know what is best. Before, we start let us check the different parts of the vapes.

Parts of the Vapes

  • Filling the e-liquid
  • Pressing the fire button
  • The atomizer in action
  • Vape clouds

The best style of vape to get a start


Vaporize that look the same to the conventional cigarette. They use replaceable cartridges which contains e-liquid. This is perfect for the beginner who has a little experience in vaping.

Pocket Vapes

This is smaller vaporizers that design easy to use and offer the best vapor production than the e-cigarette.

Pen Vaporizers

Vapes come in a spherical shape and look like a pen. They have two main parts, an atomizer, and battery. E-liquid is placed in a tank that contains the atomizer.

Box Mod Vaporizers

This is the most advanced and difficult type of vaporizer. They have a large battery box and a digital screen use to switch the settings of the vaporizer. This is great if the user wants to maximize the amount of vapor they want to inhale. They need to adjust some manual settings. Also, this is recommended for those who have more experience with vaping.

Kind of E-Liquid should a user use

Furthermore, after choosing the type of vape, the user needs to choose the right e-liquid they want. It comes from a wide variety of different flavors. Most people prefer to choose flavor e-liquid to imitate the taste of the conventional or traditional cigarette. Other users want to mix with other flavors that are something sweet or fruity. The value of nicotine in e-liquids varies on the user’s desires. It is better for the user to test the different strengths of nicotine content to decide what works best for them. There is also an e-liquid that do not contain a nicotine.

Are there any vape rules to know about vaping?

Basically, it is better to avoid vaping in the private places such as private business, restaurant, or bars unless told otherwise. Most people vape in their homes because it does not leave a lingering smell, unlike the conventional cigarette. There are studies shows that secondhand vapor poses no health risk, more people are unaware of this and it may upset some of them.

In essence, vaping truly is about personal preferences. There are a lot of options the user or the beginner to decide what type of vapes they want to choose. The most common disadvantage of vape is the explosion. If the user does not take precaution while vaping or did not place the vape properly after use explosion will happen. It is much better to read the manual before using the vape to know how to take care of the vape. Again, prevention is the best cure for danger, and be always remember that smoking is dangerous to health.

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